“I pledge, that as your Congressman, I will apply all my energy and skills to making the needs of every Oregon family, community and business known in the US Congress.”


Nearly 13,000 businesses closed in Spring 2020 because Oregon’s leadership chose to be reactive instead of proactive.

Governor Brown has the worst approval rating in the country predominantly due to her mishandling of COVID-19. Government mandates have caused undue economic and psychological harm to our residents and businesses. The state’s COVID-19 response has failed our children. Depriving students of in-person education and requiring masks when attending school has caused unspeakable damage that will impact their generation for years to come. These draconian practices are inhumane and should never be allowed.

The medical and scientific professionals who were trusted to guide our country, and the world, through the pandemic, have failed to develop a consistent and comprehensive response that uses every possible tool at our disposal. Instead, they have offered a series of confusing, contradictory, and ultimately ineffective guidance policies that appear influenced more by politics and big money interests than sound science. They have created a culture of fear that has divided our nation.



As a physician, I strongly believe we must empower and educate individuals to decide what is medically best for them and their family members. It’s time to stop the division caused by ineffective medical guidance. The government should never be in the business of using coercive fear tactics to deprive Americans of their basic individual liberties. We have overcome frightening threats in the past, and we can do so again without dividing our county.

  • Vaccination is a personal choice to be made on an individual basis between patients and their medical providers.
  • I will not support any type of vaccine passport or mandate that will further divide society based on an individual’s vaccination status.
  • I support bodily autonomy for treatments that have medical implications for a patient.
  • I propose that a new panel of medical experts – independent people who do not have strong ties to government or the pharmaceutical industry – convene to review and recommend a portfolio of medications and strategies to TREAT COVID-19.
  • The Code of Medical Ethics respects a patient’s right to seek a second opinion when currently recommended treatments are ineffective. The American people need a second opinion.

Oregon ranks 37th in the nation for K-12 education, yet our state continues to throw money at school systems with little to no accountability for student outcomes.

Today’s curriculum is becoming more and more polarized, with the advent of critical race theory and social and emotional learning having fueled that agenda. We are failing to provide students with the basic knowledge and life skills needed to succeed in the real world. Our kids deserve more.


  • Stop the politicization of classrooms. Educators should present information with neutrality to allow students to think critically and form their own opinions. Students should not be able to determine a teacher’s political biases.
  • The money should follow the child – Oregon appropriates $17,000 per child for educational purposes. It should be up to the parents/guardians of the student to determine where the funds should be used.
  • Support private, charter, vocational and online schooling. Parents and students deserve options.
  • Prioritize funding for trade schools and programs that educate a skilled workforce. Maximize private/public partnerships to provide the highest competency in marketable skill sets. We should acknowledge that skilled trades are a path to prosperity for many students.

I have a deep reverence for the environment. Protecting and preserving it for future generations is a shared responsibility.

The Green New Deal is not the answer. Extreme policies have been pushed on society, but the reality is that the Green New Deal relies on government, financial institutions, and the very wealthy to fulfill an impossible timeline to achieve zero emissions. They promote the destruction of our current energy infrastructure before the technology has even been developed to replace it; creating a crisis for everyday American’s safety, comfort, and security. The financial strain from the Green New Deal being forced upon us will pull the rug out from under the economy and drive-up the energy costs for families without addressing the most obvious solution: individual buy-in and community participation.


  • Restore ecosystem resiliency by creating tax incentives for individuals and property owners who choose to landscape with indigenous plants. Keeping native plants in our region will begin the regeneration of our ecosystem and reduce the amount of water, fertilizer, pesticides and petroleum products used to landscape with non-native plants and vegetation.
  • Support a diverse energy portfolio that includes hydro-electric power, solar and wind as alternative, clean-energy sources.
  • Stop government mandates and restrictions from setting unrealistic timelines which degrade our current energy infrastructure before an equivalent replacement is operational.
  • Implement an environmental awareness educational campaign using all media platforms to educate all segments of the public on the impact that their individual actions can have on restoring resiliency of our ecosystems.
  • Create a market response based on individual and community participation to accomplish our environmental goals.

Mismanagement of our forestlands has resulted in hardships for rural families who depend on our logging industry for their economic security.

Timber remains an economic cornerstone in rural communities near forest land. Forest products remain one of Oregon’s top traded goods that fuels the state’s quality of life, its commerce and society.

Failure to maintain federal forestlands has resulted in historic forest fires that have destroyed rural communities, homes, schools, towns, and way of life. It has produced epic impacts on the environment as decades of stored carbon combust into our atmosphere in a matter of days, threatening the health of vulnerable Oregonians and depleting the function of our forest infrastructure in filtering carbon out of the air. The obliteration of habitat and the volume of wildlife that perish in such a disaster is a stark reality that cannot always be restored.

This is often due to the misplaced priorities and influence of special interest groups who insist on a hands off, non-management policy as the most “natural” way to maintain the forests. Historically low harvests and management of public forests increasingly results in overcrowded and unhealthy forests that are subject to wildfires, pests, and disease. We should acknowledge that these forests need maintenance and management to produce the highest yield highest quality product in the most environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

Federal forest harvest has declined by 90% over the last two decades, due to escalating legal gridlock surrounding conflicting federal laws, policies, plans and court rulings.

Rural Oregonians and our lumber industry depend upon a continuous, stable inventory of readily accessible forest products. Currently, no effort is being made to build such an inventory and short-sighted logging practices have resulted in declining harvests, lost jobs and a sharp decline in timber sale revenue paid to county and state governments. Loss of timber revenue forced reductions in county services and school programs and increases in taxes for local property owners.



Oregon Needs A Long Term Forestry Management Solution

  • Protect the integrity of the federal forestland carbon bank by passing legislation to implement sustainable forest practices that would stabilize timber inventory, produce steady revenue for wages, and community services to restore Oregon’s rural logging communities and those surrounding areas which rely upon them to source materials for production activities.
  • Work with all forestry stakeholders to unite behind an immediately implementable working forest initiative to promote recreation, lumber production, environmental protection and biodiversity.

Oregon ranks 7th in the nation in total homeless population, and 34.7 out of every 10,000 people in Oregon are experiencing homelessness, 5th in the nation per capita.

We have seen a rise in homelessness in Central Oregon by 13% and a 252% increase in unaccompanied homeless youth in our region. Multnomah County will spend $150 million on homeless programs this year, equating to $37,360 per person on the street. This is a drain on our resources and a disservice to the homeless. Our state continues to throw money at the problem, with a plan to spend one billion dollars in Multnomah County over the next ten years without fixing the real problem at hand; reintegration back into society. The government fails to understand that homelessness is not a housing problem; it is a rehabilitation problem. We can lead the nation with solutions that take a different approach. The status quo is not working.


  • Enforce existing vagrancy and trespassing laws to support businesses and safe communities.
  • Seek to enroll homeless individuals in a secure facility that fosters accountability, responsibility, and healthy activities to restore their mental and physical health.
  • Deploy Federal resources to immediately create a temporary secure facility to house restoration programs.
  • Prioritize funding from the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness for restorative services such as drug and psychological counseling with a transition to work training and apprenticeships.
  • Consolidate various homeless programs under one department that reports directly to the Governor. Hold that department accountable for producing results.
  • Focus on re-education for our homeless youth and make sure no child is left alone on the streets.

Open borders present a national security, drug, and human trafficking problem.

Our immigration laws must be enforced to restore control of the border and reestablish national security. People who travel to and from our Southern border are exposed to lawlessness, severe and primitive living conditions with the threat of violence, human trafficking, and slavery. Illegal immigration is on a historic rise since the Biden Administration has taken office. The U.S. Border Patrol has had 1.6 million encounters with migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border in 2021, more than record highs in 2000 and 1986. We can fix the border crisis and protect immigrants by supporting common-sense policies.


  • Enforce the current immigration laws, and secure the border.
  • Fix orderly and legal migration options that are accessible from their own countries where immigrants can complete the process at home instead of congregating at the border in inhumane conditions.
  • Expand funding for CBP and ICE agents on the border who are currently overwhelmed by Biden’s open border policy.
  • Create a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants who have been in our country for over 5 years and can demonstrate they have been employed and stayed away from criminal activity.

The actions of our elected leaders have consequences. Violence in our country has reached a 35-year high and we are seeing those effects in Oregon.

Defunding Portland’s police department by over $27 million has led to more crime, violence, and gang activity. Our beloved friendly, pristine city of Portland has seen an 83% increase in homicides, destruction of our downtown business and tourism industry, in a single year (2020). The failure of elected officials at all levels to enforce our current laws is destroying our communities and is a risk to the safety and security of all Oregonians. Oregon is at the epicenter of human trafficking. Oregon Police Departments report that they encounter 3-5 victims of human trafficking per week; 80% women and 50% are children. We need to ensure our children are safe in our parks, malls, and youth shelters.


  • Portland is exporting crime into the fifth congressional district. I propose these three solutions to keep our neighborhoods safe and secure.
  • Fight for additional funding for County Sheriffs and the 35 city police departments in the Fifth District.
  • Coordinate with the FBI to target gang activity in our region.
  • Work closely with the Human Trafficking Task Force to focus on human trafficking in Oregon. We need to educate and train the public to identify signs of human trafficking.

Small businesses in Oregon are burdened by taxes, overregulation, and failed economic policies.

In 2020, Governor Brown’s draconian policies resulted in thousands of businesses closing their doors forever. Weak leadership at city, state, and federal levels has caused small business owners to face increased administrative costs, higher levels of crime and vandalism, and limited availability of motivated, capable workers.

I ran a business for over 20 years. I know first-hand the challenges small business owners face. Oregon’s high individual income and corporate tax rates, and a high minimum wage make it difficult to open up shop in the state. We need leadership in Washington, D.C. who will fight for less government overreach, and support business development and expansion.


  • Oppose new taxes and regulations.
  • Remove unnecessary environmental programs that burden small business owners from operating and expanding.
  • Foster a business-friendly environment to recruit companies to our great state, and prevent businesses from leaving.
  • Develop public/private cooperative programs and media campaigns to educate Oregonians about the beneficial impact of a strong economy and robust business community on their quality of life

Veterans have put their lives on the line to protect and defend the liberties we all enjoy every day.

We owe them our respect and gratitude for their sacrifices. Oregon is home to over 317,000 veterans, 1,400 of which are homeless. No veteran who served our country honorably should have to spend the night on the street. It’s our responsibility to ensure that they are taken care of and supported.


  • Ensure veterans have private healthcare options outside of the VA.
  • Secure federal funding to support programs that reintegrate veterans back into society.
  • Support federal legislation that increases access to Veterans Court.
  • Prioritize federal housing and assistance programs to homeless veterans.